PYUNKANG YUL – Essence Toner 200ml

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A hydrating elixir for your skin, PYUNKANG YUL Essence Toner is a moisture powerhouse. This essence toner delivers intense hydration and nourishment to your skin, leaving it plump and revitalized. Experience the transformative effects as it balances your skin’s pH level, enhances absorption of subsequent skincare products, and promotes a healthier complexion. Elevate your skincare routine with PYUNKANG YUL Essence Toner and unlock the secret to beautifully hydrated and radiant skin.

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Why We Love It

💦 Deep Hydration: Immerse your skin in a surge of intense moisture with this hydrating essence toner. It quenches your skin’s thirst, replenishing it with vital hydration and promoting a plump and supple complexion.

💦 Skin Revitalization: Rejuvenate your skin and enhance its natural radiance. This toner revitalizes dull and tired-looking skin, restoring its vitality and brightness. Experience a revitalized and youthful glow like never before.

💦 Enhanced Absorption: The lightweight and fast-absorbing formula of this essence toner allow for better penetration of subsequent skincare products, maximizing their efficacy. It sets the stage for a flawless skincare routine.

Skin Type

PYUNKANG YUL Essence Toner is suitable for all skin types, making it a versatile addition to any beauty regimen. Whether you have dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin, this toner will deliver exceptional results, leaving your skin balanced and nourished.

What to Expect

Expect a refreshing and revitalizing toner that leaves your skin feeling soft, supple, and hydrated. With regular use, you can anticipate improved skin texture, enhanced elasticity, and a noticeable reduction in dryness and fine lines. Embrace the joy of a renewed and luminous complexion.

Key Ingredients

🌿 Milk Vetch Root Extract: Known for its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, milk vetch root extract helps to calm and soothe the skin. It also provides nourishment and improves overall skin health.

🌸 Japanese Goldthread Extract: This botanical extract boasts anti-aging benefits, promoting a youthful and radiant complexion. It helps to improve skin tone and texture, leaving your skin smooth and revitalized.

🌱 Barberry Root Extract: Rich in antioxidants, barberry root extract protects the skin from environmental damage and promotes a healthy complexion. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, reducing redness and irritation.

How to Use

1️⃣ After cleansing, dispense an appropriate amount of the essence toner onto your palm or a cotton pad.

2️⃣ Gently pat the toner onto your face and neck, ensuring even distribution.

3️⃣ Allow the toner to fully absorb into your skin.

4️⃣ Follow up with your favorite serum or moisturizer to seal in the hydration.

5️⃣ Use morning and evening as a crucial step in your skincare routine for optimal results.

Experience the luxurious essence of PYUNKANG YUL Essence Toner and unlock the true potential of your skin. Delight in the nourishing and revitalizing properties of this exquisite toner as it restores balance and radiance to your complexion. Elevate your skincare journey with this elegant and effective essence toner and embrace the beauty of healthy and hydrated skin.


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